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Tourmaline Cup has five main features:

Tourmaline Cup can be a moment of ordinary water micro-electrolysis into a healthy health water with five characteristics;

Features 1. Weak reduction, dissolved acid detoxification to improve immunity, can be quickly and in vivo acid toxicity, maintain acid-base balance.

Features 2. Negative position (antioxidant), the cleaning of excess freedom in vivo, can effectively prevent the treatment of free radicals caused by malignant lesions.

Features 3. Small molecules, reducing blood pressure hypoglycemic, super dissolution Force, emulsifying Force, osmotic force, can be the gastrointestinal and blood vessels in the oil and cholesterol dissolved, emulsification, waste elimination in vitro, dissolved bile cholesterol, reduce viscosity, reduce the three high, beauty, weight loss and so magical effect.

Features 4, add life force elements, trace elements, minerals.

Aerospace ceramic Water core can release the human body necessary iron, zinc, iodine, calcium and other minerals and trace elements, in the health of the Ionic state, is very easy to be absorbed by the human body, to supplement the human needs of all kinds of trace elements, catalysis, activating life force!

Features 5. High oxygen carrying capacity-improved wink sleep

Aerospace ceramic Living Water core has numerous small crystals, will permanently release anion, activating cells, purify the blood, regulate the gastrointestinal system, improve sleep, replenish the human brain, muscle needs oxygen, drink 2 cups a day, so that the brain awake energetic.

Second, according to the relevant departments of health water standards, the introduction of "attention to daily drinking water, change acidic physique, improve the quality of drinking water," the Health Cup. Will cause another China's water cup industry revolution, completely subvert people's drinking concept, promote the Chinese national drinking water Scientific, healthy concept of further advancement. The State departments concerned have seven standard requirements for healthy water:

1 does not contain any poisonous, harmful and smelly substances to the human body;

2 The hardness of water is moderate, 50-200mg/l (in calcium carbonate meter);

3 The mineral content and proportion in water is moderate;

4 PH value should be neutral or slightly alkaline (ph≥7.0);

5 water dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide content moderate (water dissolved oxygen ≥6mg/l);

6 Water Molecule Group Small (hz≤100);

7 Water Nutrition, physiological functions (such as water solubility, penetration, diffusion, emulsifying Force, cleaning force, etc.) is stronger.

Product Features Advantage Characteristics:

① can provide a ph value from 7-9.8 of the weak alkaline water. This is because the current acidic body more and more people, drinking weak alkaline water to help regulate the human body acid-base balance.

② make the molecules of water smaller. Small molecular group movement speed, ' activity ' increase, help to accelerate the body's metabolism, the elimination of metabolic products in the body.

③ can produce negative potentials. Studies have shown that negative potentials can effectively remove free radicals in the body.

The calcium and magnesium in the weak alkaline water are ionic states and are easily absorbed by the human body.

Highly demonstrative:

① weakly alkaline; the soaking water is weakly alkaline, the ordinary water is poured into the cup for 5-10 minutes, and the water sample is tested with Phenolphthalein reagent or ph test paper to improve the alkalinity. The Phenolphthalein reagent will turn red and the ph test will turn dark. The ph of water reaches about 8.

② Water dissolved force, can enhance the solubility of water, the ordinary water into the cup after a few minutes, take water samples and the same amount of ordinary waters, and dissolve the equivalent of tea, you will find 30 seconds later, the nano-energy water tea soup obviously concentrated in ordinary water tea.

③ Water emulsifying Force: Can improve the water emulsification force, pour ordinary water into the cup (bottle) in a few minutes, take water samples and the same amount of ordinary waters, at the same time, the edible oil to add a little respectively two samples, shaking for 30 seconds, you will magically find the Nano cup water color white, there is almost no ' youhua ', the surface of the ordinary watery without this phenomenon.

④ Antioxidant test: Take a small amount of pure water and water to add a few drops of iodine (iodine is a typical free radicals), visible pure water is yellow, showing weak acidity, and nano-energy cup water is colorless, to prove that iodine is nano-energy water reduction. That is, nano-energy has a certain antioxidant property.

⑤ hangover test: In liquor drops into a few drops of ph reagent, liquor can turn red, the explanation is acidic. And at this point in the red Liquor add water, red liquor will increase with the amount of added, the color will gradually from red to colorless, and then into blue. Strong acid liquor by the Energy Cup of water to neutralize, thus playing a hangover, improve gastrointestinal function.

Three, the Nano-energy cup, respectively, through the authority of the Department of Certification and testing, by the vast number of consumers to use verification and recognition, deeply welcomed and loved.

1, Bacteriostasis:

The antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus was 98. 1% a 99.99%, the inhibitory rate of the white cocci can be as high as 97.6%.

2, activated water function:

The water of a large pellet into a small group of water, which is the water that the cell needs, the activated water, the energy of the water. Can detoxify detoxification, raise beauty, accelerate metabolism, prevent disease.

3, decomposition of toxins:

4, Far infrared function:

The continuous release of 4-14 micron Far Infrared rays easily absorbed by the human body can increase activation cell function and improve circulation. Promote human metabolism, improve immunity.

5, supplementing the human body required trace elements: straight water dispenser of the fourth filter is the Chinese refined stone, ten wooden stones filter, it is rich in ionic trace elements of the largest amount of supplement to water, meet the needs of people.

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