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6 hours without deterioration of cup
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In the cold winter, a cup of warm orange juice or coffee, will bring us a bit of warmth, and one to this season, the Thermos flask is very popular. Then you can know how long the beverage can be served with a thermos, will it spoil? With this problem, the relevant Department of experts on the Thermos mug carried out the experiment for you to uncover the secret of the Thermos.
Experts selected 4 kinds of regular drinks: infant milk powder, coffee, orange juice and boiled water, at the same time choose a higher price of the brand thermos flask, boiling boiled water and orange juice separately into the thermos; the baby milk powder and coffee soaked in boiling water are respectively loaded into a Thermos cup, and the results show that no E. coli/coliform bacteria have been detected, whether it is just four kinds of beverages, or 6 hours of beverages in a thermos flask. Experts point out, because the heating boiling itself is a sterilization process, and the Thermos flask sealing and insulation effect is good, so four kinds of beverages in a long time in a high-temperature seal state. In this condition, E. coli/coliform bacteria cannot breed and survive. With boiling, heat preservation, seal the triple guarantee, even if placed for 6 hours, the cup of water can still be drinkable. However, it is important to remind that the utensils that want to drink are not contaminated first must be sterilized and airtight. Therefore, choose the quality of a good thermos is the key.

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